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Beautiful golden hues, exciting balance of spicy & sweet. Whether you spoon it on your favorite cheese, stir it in your tea or top your grilled chicken or fish, it will deliver a burst of Zing-y flavor!


Classic + Rose

Sweet & aromatic, rose has been used to infuse desserts throughout Southwest Asia because of its beauty, its delicate sweet nature and its ability to calm the stomach after a big meal. Perfect addition to a fruit salad, topping for cheeses & desserts, as well as stirring into lemonade & iced tea.


Classic + Lavender

Lavender imparts a subtle floral essence to this product, adding a little freshness and lightness! Great addition to your cheese board or topping on your favorite ice cream!


Classic + Orange Blossom 

A very delicate floral & nuanced flavor. Its deliciousness aside, orange blossom has been used in ancient lands as an aphrodisiac and is traditionally associated with good fortune! Perfect for a cheeseboard, stirred into lemonade & tea, tossed into fruit salad and poured over desserts.




A perfect balance of sweet & tart. Brighten up your palate with this gem of a preserve. Use it with cheese, dessert or as a filler for pastries.


Peach Habanero

A cosmic blend of sweet & spicy. Peaches picked at peak of flavor impart a delicious burst of fruity flavor combined with the heat of habanero; a delightful combination. Mix it in your cocktail, put in on your cheese board, or top your favorite dessert. It's so good, we love to eat it by the spoonful!

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